IGN: Paramount Wants More Picard

Well this is interesting. The headline somehow reminds me of that infamous SNL skit. Mr. Stewart really makes it sound like Paramount wants more of him in much the same way Mr. Walken wanted more of that elusive cowbell.

Paramount Pictures really wants Patrick Stewart – Trek’s Captain Picard – to take his position on the bridge again for Star Trek XI, the actor told Yahoo News.

To be honest I am sick and tired of the TNG. Let’s just stop it now OK. What do I want to see in a Star Trek movie? I want something completely new. By new, I mean new sets, new cast, new ship, etc.

They took a generally good concept in Enterprise and ruined it with poor writing and no vision, until Manny Coto took over. He really started to lead that series in the right direction, but alas the damage had been done and Enterprise died a useless death.

Well, I see three possibilities for something new that might be worth seeing come to fruition. The first obviously is to give Manny a budget for a movie. He has shown a love for the mythos of the show and would do it justice. Another alternative is to give it to JMS, of Babylon 5 fame. There were rumors he had a treatment for a new Star Trek series going around a while. I would be willing to bet this treatment could work as a movie with few changes, plus he has the midas touch when it comes to science fiction. Everything he’s done has been golden. The third option, and I’m going out on a limb here, is to give Joss Wheadon a shot. Joss is mostly infamous for his Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly franchises. I would love to see something that happened in the Star Trek Universe, but had a “Firefly” feel to it. I could the characters in this not being Starfleet, which would be kind of cool. The Star Trek universe is not all military after all. It might be nice to follow the lives of some civies for a change.

I know all three of these are probably pipe dreams. Last I checked JMS said none of the rumors were true. Joss is pretty busy with Wonder Woman and his own stuff. But it’s nice to dream.

What do you think they should do with the franchise? I’d like to hear what both of you have to say.

How odd is it that “fear the Reaper” started playing on iTunes just as I opened the edit page to post this? HM, maybe I’m being prophetic. Then again maybe it’s just the “shuffle” function is broken.

[IGN: Paramount Wants More Picard]

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