Pray the Holy Rosary today for the Phillipines

This is quite disturbing. Please pray that God’s will be done….and spread the word.

The Phillipines has a bill in their Government that would promote artificial contraception and establish a 2 child per limit for each family. This policy has caused China to force abortions and sterilizations.

Please, the Phillipines are 87% Catholic, let us pray against this. Please join me in a special Rosary today.

[A Catholic Life: Special Rosary today: for the Phillipines]

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3 Responses to Pray the Holy Rosary today for the Phillipines

  1. ELY says:

    Yes…good call, and please pray for this one; Oregon just voted to keep euthanasia on their books. They’ll save the forests, but kill the innocent.

  2. Josh says:

    I’m Concerned about praying the Rosary,
    As a Christian a true beleiver of Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Saviour,Jesus said he is the only way to go to heaven,and the mediator between God and man is only Jesus,and the only Holy is Jesus Christ who is our Saviour,He said on the cross it is finished so we dont need to pray Rosary which is not stated on the bible,instead we just pray from our heart about the setuation is going on in our country Phillipines,Guys check it out in the bible, God (Jesus) never mentioned about rosary and Mary is the same with us,that is repetetion of words.
    Cocerned only

  3. Scrappy says:

    Hi Josh,
    Looking at the evolvement of religion over the centuries much has been altered to fit men’s interpretation of what is practiced as religious rituals. I believe that because so many misinterpretations and that man’s precepts have entered into the practices much has changed to alter what Christ originally taught. The Lord’s Prayer was the one that Christ taught his disciples as example of how to pray. One thing Christ did continually tell the people and His disciples is to always pray in faith, nothing wavering(James 1:6) I think that God intends for us to seek Him as in James 1:5: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” When we pray in a situation like a weather disaster for the Phillipines we pray in faith that God will answer those pleas to stay the storm or divert it that noone will be harmed in its path. Continually pray as God has asked men repeatedly to pray always.

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