Ouch! That’s sore! The aftermath of a root canal….

Yes, I had to have a root canal today.  It’s really sore right now, but it’s not too bad.  The procedure itself wasn’t too bad.  The worst things about it were having to hold my mouth open for so long and the smell.  EWW…..That smell was awful.  It didn’t hurt at the time.  I didn’t even really feel anything when they stuck me for the novocain.  Right now though it doesn’t seem to be bothering me much.  It’s a little sore like I said, but I think that is also from the shots.  Anyway, I had hoped to post a little bit more about the new Mac and some other things.  I’ll probably get to that this weekend.  It’s been hell with the trouble I’ve had over this tooth the past couple of days….

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3 Responses to Ouch! That’s sore! The aftermath of a root canal….

  1. Owen says:

    Ugh, I had one of those years ago after several years of no dental work due to having no dental plan with the Protestant church with whom I served for, well, years. They also discovered a several other nasties and extensive work began. Brother, I sympathize with you. And looking at a computer screen with a sore head is no fun so rest up.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Owen. I feel much better today. I just feel a little weak due to the fact that I am of course not exactly eating heavy meals. But, anyone that knows me knows that I could stand to miss a few meals.

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