My iTunes Podcast List

Ever since I posted my most played list the other day, I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing with my podcasts in iTunes to show my subscriptions. Well, here they are.

  • “Catholic Insider” feed website – Father Roderick’s first podcast.
  • “Catholic Cast Podcast” feed website – I don’t think Jason’s still doing this, but I keep it around just in case. I really miss “Conversations with an old man” the most.
  • “Catholic NGO Voice” feed website
  • “Praystation Portable” feed website – Morning and Evening Prayer from the Roman Breviary
  • “MacCast – For Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks” feed website – The only Mac cast I’ll listen to for more than a few minutes.
  • “Cinecast” feed website – Movies reviews that are always amusing. *
  • “Michael and Evo’s Slice of Scifi – Science fiction TV and movie news podcast” feed website – News about the world of Sci-Fi. *
  • “SCI FI Channel – Official BSG Podcast” feed website – Executive Producer Ron Moore gives commentary to each episode. **
  • “The Combat Information Center” feed website – Another BSG podcast. If anyone knows of another one done by someone less anal, let me know.
  • “President’s Weekly Radio Address” feed website – W tellin’ it like it is….
  • “PodcastWho” feed website – A Doctor Who podcast from a real Doctor Who geek. He goes over episodes new and old and other Who news.
  • “this WEEK in TECH” feed website – A panel discussion with well known tech geeks. *
  • “Security Now!” feed website – Steve Gibson tells Leo Laporte what networking and security is all about.
  • “Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes Podcast” feed website – This guy has an amazinf site full of Apple scripts for iTunes.
  • “Arinze – Podcasting with a Vatican Official” feed website – I love this man. He’s such a gentle and simple teacher. I always love his answers to those non-existent “stupid questions”.
  • “43 Folders” feed website – UM…Just listen…..Great if you are trying to get organized or have ADD. Merlin puts out a new podcast when he remembers to…. **
  • “The Official LOST Podcast” feed website – I listen to this more for the bit with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Not only are they funny, but sometimes they give away things they may or may not have meant to.
  • “Inside the Net” feed website – Amber MacArthur give Leo the 411 on the latest Web 2.0 apps and sites.
  • “Star Trek: The Section 31 Files” feed website – It’s not really a podcast so much as a radio drama type thing. You get to follow the crew of Section 31 ship as they try to save the galaxy and who knows, perhaps even time itself.
  • “Daily Breakfast” feed website – Father Roderick’s new daily podcast. I love that banjo music!
  • “One Minute Tip” feed website – Tips on how to better use you Mac. Sorry Windows folks….
  • “commandN (iPod format)” feed website – A vidcast of Amber MacArthur, Jeff MacArthur and Mike Lazazzera. It’s more tech stuff.
  • “Diggnation (videos)” feed website – As Alex would say, a discussion of some of the top stories from the social bookmarking site, that’s d-i-g-g-dot-com.
  • “generally speaking – Lost Edition” feed website – A fan run Lost podcast, often includes a Christian prespective.
  • “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack” feed website – Just another Lost podcast. But, these guys are hilarious.
  • “Star Trek: Pioneers” feed website – Another Star Trek radio drama type show.
  • “Catholic Minute” feed website – Father Roderick’s video cast.
  • “The Cafeteria is Closed” feed website – Gerald’s podcast. It seems like he’s dong some Latin and getting us acquainted with old school liturgy.

Warning: The ones marked with an asterisk (*), sometimes have profanity in them. The ones marked with two (**) almost always have profanity.
Since Suzette started school this semester, I’ve been driving a lot. On her school days (MWF), I drive forty five minutes to her school, then an hour to my office. I then make the reverse trip in the evening. So, I get a lot of time to listen to podcasts. Please comment back with you favorite podcasts. I need some more to pass this time. Plus I would just like to know what everyone else is listening to. Thanks!

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4 Responses to My iTunes Podcast List

  1. Mark R says:

    Help me, St. Anthony! My iPod is somewhere in my house, and I can’t find it! It’s driving me crazy, ’cause I’m never going to catch up on the Daily Breakfasts.

    Here’s a couple others I listen to regularly:

    Rock Solid with Mark Shea. Informative, entertaining and SHORT!

    Mother Angelica Live Classics

    The Journey Home

    Vatican Radio English Program (unfortunately, you have to sieve through a lot of liberal commentary, but it’s still interesting)

  2. Mark R says:

    Well, glory be! Kathy found my iPod this morning.

  3. Marc says:

    Well, glory be! Kathy found my iPod this morning.

    So who gets the credit, Kathy of Saint Anthony?

  4. Mark R says:

    Both, obviously!

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