Season wrapup for Battlestar Galactica

I have to admit, i am very late in writing this. “Why has it taken me so long?”, you ask. I’ll tell you. There was a lot of digest in the season finale. Some people say the show “jumped the shark” with this episode. I say they’re wrong. It obviously jumped the shark with “Epiphanies“. I’m starting to think that Ron Moore and David Eick did that on purpose though. If they didn’t do that then, then they wouldn’t be able to to do this episode where they proceed to jump in the shark tank, chase down that shark while doing a dog paddle and kick the shark’s ass. This is why I love this show. Not only is it great sci-fi, it’s just plain great television.

I’m not going to say much more than that. If you’ve seen it, you know yourself.

Below is a link to really good write-up I dig…..

[Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog: Thoughts on Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II]

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