New news on Spellbound and Intel Macs

WOW…..When I wrote “How to get Spellbound spell checker working with Firefox″ I never dreamed there would be such a positive response. The comments over there aren’t the half of it either. I have received a ton of email saying thanks for the help.

Well, here’s the bad news. I can’t use this extension anymore. Ever since switching to one of the Intel based iMacs, Spellbound quit working. It seems the extension is actually a porting of the code used by Thunderbird, Firefox’s sister email app for spell checking. Of course in order to work on so many different platforms the way it does, it has to call some OS specific libraries. Well, the Mac libraries it’s expecting are the PowerPC (read “Old Mac”) libraries. This makes it not work on the Intel iMacs. Now that you’ve read all that, you probably think you’ve heard the bad news. I ‘m sorry to say you haven’t. According to this forum, there are no plans to fix the extension. Yes, that is the bad news. But have no fear. There is good news. The reason no one is too eager to fix this nifty little extension is simple. The next major release of Firefox will have this functionality built in. I can’t wait.

I mean it….Really……I can’t wait. I hope I spelled everything right here….

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One Response to New news on Spellbound and Intel Macs

  1. S&F says:

    I think I read the new Firefox will support spellcheck on the intel based Macs.

    I could be wrong, it happened once.

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