Sit-coms, so simple cavemen could do them

It should be well known that my favorite commercials out right now are the Gieco caveman commercials. They use situation comedy to explain how easy it is to buy car insurance on their website with the phrase “So easy, a cave man could do it”. As it turns out they cavemen out there get a little upset and go on the news or talk to their therapists about it. These commercials are so funny and in a way endearing that ABC has decided to chronicle the exploits of these cavemen as they fight prejudice and stereotypes in a new sit-com. There’s not much in the way of details yet, but SCI FI Wire has a quick write up.

ABC has plans to turn a series of quirky commercials for insurance provider Geico which revolve around a number of indignant cavemen into a half-hour comedy pilot, Variety reported. Taking its cue from the ads, Cavemen centers on three prehistoric men who must battle prejudice as they attempt to live as normal 30-somethings in modern Atlanta.

The Atlanta location just makes it more interesting.

This one is either going to be brilliant or suck rotten eggs. I looking forward to seeing how it turns out and if Tina’s worth all the fuss….

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2 Responses to Sit-coms, so simple cavemen could do them

  1. Crusader says:

    Who was the funniest, or shall we say the quirkiest character on TV. In my opinion, it was Kramer from the Seinfeld Show (excluding his latest behavior). He just plain made me laugh every time he entered a room. These cavemen characters with their facial expressions are unique and funny in their own way. I really get a kick out of their humor. Now, Kramer had a spin-off sitcom and how did that do? 8 episodes later, it was cancelled. I hope that the cavemen characters (well, the writers) can do these primitive cavemen justice and that the new sitcom will not “jump the shark” as did the Michael Richards’ show. I hope the writers can create a dialog that will be consistent with the TV commercial but yet expand on the comedy of these out of place and out of time characters. I don’t think the writers will have a hard time “it’s so easy, a cave man can do it”.

  2. And now we have the Caveman Sitcom! WOW….

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