Hello Goodbye – Hello Beatles, or Goodbye DRM?

There’s been a lot of talk about the new announcement Steve Jobs is flying into London for today. Some have said it’s that The Beatles (among others) will be added to the iTunes library. Others are now saying it’s that the entire EMI catalogue will be added to iTunes “DRM free”. Both of these are significant. First there has been a long standing dispute between the record label founded by the Beatles called “Apple” and what was formerly known as “Apple Computer” that now calls itself “Apple Inc.”. The reasons for this dispute, while petty should be obvious, especially when you consider how Apple has become such a music powerhouse with the advent of the iPod and the iTunes music store.

So what’s it going to be? Will Jobs and EMI both put their money where their mouths are and go DRM free? Or it is the long awaited addition of the Beatles to the iTunes collection? Only time will tell and unfortunately I’ll be on a plane when it happens, if it happens. Let’s not forget that yesterday was April Fools Day.

UPDATE: DRM free music from EMI. get the scoop here.

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