Twitter Tweets for 2007-06-26

  • Downloading new podcasts/vidcasts for the day. Man, hotel “highspeed” is pretty lowsped. #
  • @gregkeuter Where are you this week? I’m in Pittsburgh again, at my customer site. #
  • @Busymom I hate conf calls too……I feel your pain! #
  • @gregkeuter That’s cool. I like northern Cal better than southern Cal though. #
  • @Busymom Ouch…The only thing I hate more than conf calls are LONG conf calls. It’ll end though, don’t worry…. #
  • @pcamarata I don’t know about that saying Dr. Paul. I’ve managed to purge most all of Memphis from me…. ;) #
  • @halosfan I lived in Seattle for a little over a year. Me and Seattle didn’t get along. #
  • @lcreekmo If it helps any, I usually take 6am flight every Monday I travel…. #

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