Signs of Life by Dr. Scott Hahn

Signs of LifeI’ve never read a book by Dr. Scoot Hahn I didn’t like and Signs of Life is no exception.

While this was listed in my lenten reading list, I will admit I cheated a little. I actually started this book the Monday before Ash Wednesday. I couldn’t help it though. It was sitting there just calling out “Marc, Marc! Read me now!”.

The full name of this book is “Signs of Life: 40 Catholic customs and their Biblical roots” To me the title says it all. It goes into detail about those 40 customs that range from Sacraments like Ordination and Marriage to sacramentals like the Rosary and Holy Water all the way to prayer traditions like grace before meals and the morning offering. What I really like about reading this book though were the Biblical references. I managed to learn a lot new things about my Catholic faith and how our traditions are rooted in the Sacred Scripture.

Signs of Life was an easy and enjoyable read, but yet it was packed with interesting facts. Some things were news to me, while others were things that I needed reminding of. It’s one of those books you have read, and read again later after you’ve let the information slip your mind. It also makes a good reference work for apologists, since it references Scripture for all 40 items.

Overall, I would highly recommend Signs of Life to general audiences. It wouldn’t be a problem for young adults learning about their faith or an adult who is curious about why they have done “those things” all their lives.

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2 Responses to Signs of Life by Dr. Scott Hahn

  1. Reilly says:

    As a former practicing Catholic, this book would have been a great read. Sure I can recite the Mass start to finish- but understanding WHY Catholics do what they do would add an entirely new outlook. I’ll add this to my list of reads!

  2. Christian Charity says:

    I love the old traditions and this book helped me understand the reasons for them.

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