My first post from the iPad

So I’ve had the iPad for a few weeks now and I love it. Suzette and I just got back from a trip to Europe. This little prize came in real handy. I had also ordered the camera connection kits. Let me explain a little of what went on.

We went to London for a week and Paris for a week. For the first week in London, my mom tagged along with us. It really nice, since visiting London was on her bucket list. We all three had cameras of course. Suzette and I both brought our Macbook Pros and I brought the handy iPad. The problem was that mom’s camera had a mini-USB connector on it. We didn’t have the cable for that. What her camera also had though was an SD card for memory. All I had to do was stick the SD card in the camera connection for the iPad and then sync the iPad with my MBP. All of the sudden, mom could post all the pics she had taken on Facebook with no problem.

Of course that’s not all I found useful about having the iPad with me in Europe. I used he MLB at Bat app to keep up with the Braves games. This app is excellent and well worth it on the iPad if you’re a baseball fan. Using the Universalis app meant not going over the 50 pound weight limit on my luggage by packing my LOTH books. I also watched some TV on the plane with it. It was also a serious conversation starter. Keep in mind that the international release of the iPad was while we were in Paris, so few people over there had so much as seen one before. On the train ride from London to Paris, I made a new friend from Australia who wanted to know all about.

So here I am now typing in this new blog post much later than I wanted to, but finally getting it done. Aside from the MLB app, there are a few I don’t my iPad would be complete without. I’m using the Blogpress app right now. This will be the first post I’ve done with it, so the verdict is still out. I love the Netflix app. There’s nothing like being able to sit on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix. You don’t have to put a disc in the PS3 and you can plug in the headphones if someone is being disturbed by your entertainment. The Twitterific app for the iPad is hands down the best Twitter client around. I love being able to view twitpics in a popout. If you get one for these devices, be sure to check out The Weather Channel MAX+ app too. I just checked it myself to see if it’s going to rain on Saturday, since I’m playing in a golf tournament.

All in all, I am very happy with the device. I’m glad I got it. You know, I wasn’t going to get one at first. I was pretty determined to wait for the second generation iPad. But, I had an intervention. A friend of mine bought one while visiting here in the US. He’s from Canada and it was not yet released there. More on that later. Anyway, he is not what you would call an “Apple enthusiast”. But he picked one up in the Apple and could not put it down. After hearing him rave about it, I have to see one. Since there’s a Sephora at the same mall as the Apple Store here in Nashville, I never have no trouble talking Suzette into going there. I have to admit that I could not put it down either. Unfortunately, I had to. They were sold out and it was closing time. The next day I ordered mine from the website.

Now I said I’d mention some more about my friend. He had a little trouble with his. It wasn’t so much a technical difficulty as a silly difficulty. Since the iPad hadn’t been released in Canada, he couldn’t buy apps for it on iTunes. He also couldn’t buy the camera connection kit online. In the first paragraph of this post, you might have seen what at first looks a typo. I mentioned “camera kits”, plural. I ordered two of them and sent one up to him as a gift. I’m such a rebel.


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  1. Twitteriffic is pretty good, but was way crashy at first until they fixed it. It is the best free Twitter app.

    I’m currently using Osfoora HD which is quite feature rich. Though Ecophon just released their iPad app so I am waiting for reviews on that.

    Since I have had the iPad since the release date I am still surprised that over two months later I am still so happy with the device. Usually new gadget joy wears off in no time. Not so with the iPad which is just plain fun to use.

    Even better now that more apps that take advantage of the iPad are coming out. I am blown away by the RSS Reader app called Reeder which has tons of options and a cool and useful interface.

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