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Watching “Amok Time”, It’s A-Mazing

I am loving this week’s episode of the re-mastered Star Trek. It’s the Vulcan salmon mating ritual episode entitled “Amok Time“. Here I was, talking about the redone special effects of the new re-mastered episodes as if the exterior space … Continue reading

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Today is a special Doomsday for Star Trek fans

It’s the episode which probably is going to get the biggest facelift in the new enhanced versions of the original Star Trek series. From SCI FI Wire… A digitally remastered and enhanced version of the original Star Trek series episode … Continue reading

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Who should play Spock? I think the actor who should knows best…..

I just read about this at the Star Trek Movie Blog. Zachary Quinto, who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show ‘Heroes’ wants to be the new Spock. I think he’d be perfect for the role. He’s a great … Continue reading

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New faces on Heroes

If you read my previous post on my TV viewing habits, you could probably tell that I really like the new show “Heroes”. I’m glad I spelled it right this time. If you watch this show too, then we are … Continue reading

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Why Eccleson quit Doctor Who

I had no idea the English northerners were as serious about being northern as us American southerners are about being southern. It might be hard to follow some of the humor here unless you’re a fan of British Sci-Fi and … Continue reading

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Hey! I’m Chekov!

I’ve seen this quiz going around some blogs, but I’m the first person I’ve seen who wasn’t an “Expendable Character (Redshirt)”… Your results: You are Chekov Chekov 75% Mr. Scott 75% Geordi LaForge 75% Jean-Luc Picard 60% Spock 57% Uhura … Continue reading

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IGN: Paramount Wants More Picard

Well this is interesting. The headline somehow reminds me of that infamous SNL skit. Mr. Stewart really makes it sound like Paramount wants more of him in much the same way Mr. Walken wanted more of that elusive cowbell. Paramount … Continue reading

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